Swamped with back office tasks?

Our team of assistants can help you get back on dry land.

Virtual Assistant

Our kind of work

Email & Schedule Management

Reply to emails, schedule appointments, and send reminders, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Organizing & Process Development

Organize files, calendars, emails, and Life 😉 Develop streamlined processes for your work to enhance your customer experience.

Marketing & Web

We can handle social media, blogging, SEO, email newsletters, web updates, and research. All of those necessary but painstaking tasks.

You need this

Virtual Assistant

You need this!

Not every studio is big enough to need a full-time assistant or even a part-time assistant but creatives often get swamped. When you get swamped, you get stressed and when you get stressed you start to lose the passion that you had for your dream job.

You DON’T need to be stressed OR lose your passion. You need HELP! We can take the tasks that suck away too much of your time or isn’t your strength. Or those tasks that you nitpick constantly and fiddle with. [Website changers I see you! Totally takes one to know one!] We will help you get unstuck and caught up!

Benefits of Virtual Assistants

  • Frees up time that can be spent on literally anything else! That’s right! You don’t need to answer pricing inquiries at your child’s soccer game. You don’t need to use blogging as your excuse to not go to the PTO meeting or friends’ night out [unless you really want to 😉 ]
  • Streamlined processes = better client experience + more time + less stress. You can prioritize getting more clients rather than letting your social media presence wither while you’re glued to your inbox.
  • Reduced stress. You won’t be swamped! You can focus on what makes your heart leap for joy and hand us any part of your business that well doesn’t.
  • One less thing on your to-do list! Do you feel that? The feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders knowing a team of people has your back and you can end your work week without something dragging you down. Yup, that could be you.

Virtual Assistant

How it works

Once you pick out a package that best fits your studio’s needs we will set up an initial call to go over tasks that you need help with, information to setup up in our system, go over any questions you might have, and go over any systems that you use.

Each week you will have a team meeting with your virtual assistant to go over that week’s tasks. We don’t limit you to the task types. At the end of each week, we will give you a report of how the time was spent.

How it works

All the areas we can help in…

We can create, populate, and manage an automated database of your clients. This is extremely useful when you want to send a quick note to them about upcoming booking opportunities or sessions, and recognize small things—like their wedding anniversary or birthday!

Arranging meeting details can be one of the biggest timesucks on your task list. Going back and forth in a lengthy email string is something you can definitely have us do! We can even help you set up automated calendaring software. Even when we manage your calendar it still saves time and as the saying goes time is money.

As a photographer, you probably want to do some google-snooping and get to know your clients a bit more before shooting a session with them. Maybe even see what they are into for a personalized thank you gift. We can do that!

Let’s face it, the reality is that even though you ask your clients to list out the links for their attire, hair, makeup, rentals, officiant, venue, caterer, cake, flowers, etc. They usually don’t. Maybe, they’re probably busy planning out the most important day of their life, but you still want to share the links with your audience and boost your SEO juice on your website. We can help track down all of that info for you and blog it while we are at it!

Posting your work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest can get you lots of exposure but it’s usually one of the first things to get cut from your daily to-dos when you’re swamped. With access to your images, we can help create and schedule posts for you!

A monthly newsletter is a great marketing strategy. You can build your email list by offering a monthly newsletter filled with links to your recent blog posts, social media messages, reminders about upcoming mini sessions, etc. It might also be sweet to occasionally drop a discount code into your newsletters to encourage more people to subscribe. We can do that!

After a session is done and editing (maybe Elizabeth did that!) is complete there’s still some work to be done in the actual delivery of the photos. Let us know how you like to format them and we’ll take care of the rest. Then, all you have to do is send them a message letting them know the files are complete, the digital gallery is ready to be loaded, and/or the prints are ready to be ordered. Maybe we even order the drive it goes on!

Are you unsure of where to start and you muddle through your work? Elizabeth is a certified project manager and can find a process and workflow in everything. She will help you develop a workflow that works for your business and make sure your business is efficient.

We will work with you to craft email templates in your voice and then reply to emails for you from your address. We can track emails, file them and follow up. We can organize your inbox so that you only need to look at the emails you want to focus your attention on. You don’t need to do anything until your client replies then you step into shine.

We can prepare your contracts for you based on a template you provide us and send and track invoices, provide payment reminders to clients and reconcile your business expenses.

We can organize ANYTHING. We can organize your inbox, your digital workspaces, (files, invoices, tasks), and your images. We can categories them in any form that makes sense to you. If you need someone to organize your tasks for the day and be your personal cheerleader. We can do that because that’s what we love to do and what we are here for!

The best way to get new clients is to showcase your work online. Blogging boosts your online presence but it is also very time-consuming to load 50+ photos into a blog platform, tag them all, and then write a compelling post to accompany the images so that search engines will point people to your website. Show us how you blog then we will mimic your style. Boom. Blog DONE!

Search engine optimization is a must for all photographers (and, let’s be real, all websites) who want to show up on the first page of Google in local searches. We can do the analytics research to find those keywords for you!

Occasionally you’ll need to add or remove pages on your website, update your copy, or make some other change to the structure. Let us know the changes you would like to make and we can make them for you!

Our Monthly Plans

Package one

Perfect when you need a little extra help. Includes a weekly team meeting and up to 15 hours.


  • Perfect for Tasks Like:
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Responding to Inquiries
  • Help Prioritize Tasks

Package two

Great for Growing businesses who need help creating content. Includes a weekly team meeting and up to 30 hours.


  • Great for Tasks Like:
  • Tasks from Package 1
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email Newsletters

Package three

Ideal for doing heavy lifting like website updates and SEO. Includes a weekly team meeting and up to 60 hours.


  • Ideal for Tasks Like:
  • Tasks from Packages 1 & 2
  • Web Updates & SEO
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing, Expenses, Contracts
When Normal work just doesn’t cover it

A la Carte Services

Extra Hours

Little busier this month than last? Or are you going on that much deserved vacation and need someone to watch the fort while you’re away?

Add a little extra peace to your life by adding an additional 5 hours to your monthly subscription.

Extra 5 for $165

Workflow Creation & Organization

Creatives often get lost in their work. That’s what makes creatives creative but that doesn’t always mean they know where to start when it comes to their business.

We can help you create workflows for every aspect of your business from answering inquires to product delivery and managing your marketing. We will help craft a workflow that works for you. Then we will check in on your progress to help you refine it.

Get organized for $795

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Bio & Photo Coming Soon!


Bio & Photo Coming Soon!

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