Is editing slowing you down?

Outsourcing your editing allows you to focus on your clients, growing your business, and you.

Private Editing

My kind of Work


These are so much fun to edit! I love seeing the same couple on their wedding day!


Editing weddings are my absolute FAVORITE! I really feel like I was there.


The memories made during portrait sessions are so special and a privilege to be a part of.

Imagine this…. More time!

That’s right I said it! More time!
What WOULD you do with more time? Elevate your client experience, market more, spend more time with family and friends during peak season, maybe focus on you a bit more?

Whatever popped into your brain just now is a good reason to free up more time. What do most photographers do that they don’t HAVE to do that can free up time? EDIT, of course! Keep going to learn more about benefits and services.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Frees up time that can be spent on literally anything else! I can save you hours of editing by mimicking your style. When I cull, I’ll select 6 images and resize them for Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is post them!
  • Quicker turnaround time! Give your couples their images while they are still riding that honeymoon high. I edit catalogs in just 5 to 7 days!
  • Reduce stress. No need to worry about editing weddings or sessions you shot at the beginning of the season when you are swamped halfway through. I edit so the images are ready to export and deliver to your clients!
  • One less thing on your to-do list! You can prioritize getting more clients rather than letting your social media presence wither while you’re glued to Lightroom.


My Process


Not every photographer will need culling. When I cull I remove “bad images” like misfires, blurry images, or duplicates that feel like an eye test when you look at them.

I keep images that have different poses or emotional changes or focal subject. Culling is FREE when culling to a 20-25% of the original catalog size. When requested to cull to less than 19% of the original catalog size a $50 culling fee is applied.

Weddings & Engagement

Style Matching

My goal is to match your style so no one would know that you outsourced your editing. During our initial chat, we will discuss hallmarks of your style, what you love, what you don’t like in images, and what your current process is.

For our first project together I will walk you through the export and upload process and do a sample set to see how well I’m matching your vision. Once I’ve honed in your style I will edit the remaining catalog and walk you through applying the edits to your negative files.

Style Matching

Our Client’s

Before + Afters

You may be wondering…

I walk all my clients through the process and provide written instructions in case you need a refresher.

The process is super simple. Lightroom allows me to edit your images without uploading all your raw files. Then all you need to do is apply my edits to your digital negatives.

My clients typically have 10 or more weddings a year. Or more than 60 sessions a year.

I provide previews for two reasons. One, so that you can elevate your client’s experience without you needing to edit images yourself. Two, so that you can give me any feedback before I finish editing the rest of the catalog. Think of these like anchor images.

Once I deliver the catalog I bill you through my portal system. Invoices are due within 2 days of receipt. During these two days you should review your images and provide any feedback. Invoices that are 9 days overdue will incur a $25 late fee.

I’m best suited to the light and airy & natural styles because I’m drawn to those styles. However, my goal is to match your style. We will discuss your style hallmarks during our call.

Yes, I can do head swaps, distraction removal etc upon request. I will flag any photos that might require heavier editing during my normal editing. If you decide to have me perform the heavy editing, I will discuss cost and process at that time.

Yes, to make sure we are on the same page and for planning purposes I require a service agreement for our partnership.

It takes me longer to cull because I’m more than likely removing images that are “unique.” IE the emotion is different, the composition is different (although the pose or emotion maybe similar or the same to another image.)

Style Matching + Culling

Weddings & Portrait Sessions

Standard Rate

INCLUDES 75 preview images delivered within 24 hrs, Style Match Editing, and minor skin smoothing/spot removaL. Culling to 20-25% Included.


  • 5 to 7-Day Turnaround
  • Expert Editing Excellence
  • Arrives Client Export Ready
  • Easy Workflow Process

Help Me AI

Help you develop a consistent look to train your AI. 3500 edited images, 2 phone consultations, Completely Trained AI with your style.


  • Help you hone in on YOUR Style
  • Expert Editing Excellence
  • Your Aftershoot is Trained
  • Workflow Process Tips

Special Editing Services


Blemish removal, skin smoothing, reducing under-eye bags, eye brightening, and teeth whitening.

$5- $7 per image


Taking 2 or more images and combining or blending them to create one image. IE School Class Picture or placing someone another picture.

Starting at $60

Heavy Editing

Head swaps and removal of braces removal of unwanted objects like microphones, and extending pants (ie ankles are visible in a seated position).

Starting at $60

**A special note on “slimming” we can slim someone upon special request however we require consent from the individual prior and never slim persons under 18.

Let’s schedule a time to chat

I’d love to get to know you and your work! I know outsourcing can feel scary but it doesn’t have to be! Please fill out the form below and include as many details as you can about how I can help.