Importing An edited Catalog into LR

Importing your newly edited LR Catalog is a piece of cake!

Navigate to the wedding or session you exported. This should be a folder in the catalog you typically house all of your sessions or weddings.

The catalog containing my edits will be the same name that you called it when you exported it only it will be in the Final folder and have “final” added to the name. Open Dropbox > Final folder > [yourfilename_final].

Download the file then drag and drop the catalog file onto the unedited session or wedding. Lightroom will ask you if you want to apply the changes. Click ok and let Lightroom do it’s thing. It will take some time. Go refresh your coffee!

If you notice that it looked like nothing happened. Make sure it rebuilt the previews by going to Library > Previews > Build Standard-Size Previews. If there are … in the upper right corners of the images it hasn’t rebuilt the preview yet.

Congrats! That’s it! Now all you need to do is deliver the images to your clients!

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