Exporting your LR Catalog for Editing

Exporting your Lightroom Catalog for editing is SUPER easy! Open Lightroom Classic and select the images you want to export for editing. If you want to have me cull you can export the full catalog by selecting all of the images.

** PRO TIP: If you are shooting with multiple photographers or multiple cameras it is important that all cameras are set to the same time so that images taken at the same time show up next to each other. This helps ensure images are consistent.

On a Mac, select File and in the drop down menu choose Export as catalog.

In the export window, name your project with the studio initials and either the Couple’s name OR the date, which ever fits best with your system.

This is an important step! Check ONLY the following:

  • Build / Include Smart Previews
  • Include Available Previews
  • *If you culled your catalog then you can check “Export selected files only”

Then you should have a file with several files included. You can zip this if you need to but shouldn’t HAVE to zip it. All you need to do now if drag and drop that file into your shared Dropbox folder. Dropbox will alert me to the new file. I’ll confirm with you that it uploaded correctly. Now sit back and relax!

PRO TIP: It’s easier and faster to upload and download when you have the Dropbox desktop app!

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