Elizabeth Miller

Wife, Boy Mom, lover of coffee and Ice cream

Hello There

I’m Elizabeth & Welcome to my spot on the web

I‘ve always had a love for photography. Sitting in my room going through old photos are a key memories of my childhood. I went to art school made color and B&W prints in a Lab and became a photographer out of college.

Fast forward 15 years and 5 states, building a thriving wedding photography business wasn’t good option when we move frequently. I stumbled into editing for other photographers and it has been a blessing.

My nerdy side

I love the science of photography

I grew up processing my own film and honing my eye in a darkroom. My first photography class was in the 6th grade. I was my high school newspaper’s photo editor (still in a darkroom) and sole photographer.

While in college I printed color prints on an enlarger learning to see how adding cyan reduces yellow and getting the right balance.

My Family

They are my why

Having the flexibility to be the classroom parent or giving more attention to my youngest who has special needs is why I choose to edit. Spending more time with my boys and my husband means the world to me.

KADE – He’s my daredevil and dancing goofball. I think dancing goofball is genetic!

MILES – He’s my polite independent stinker. He will tell me he’s “not” getting into to something and says thank you when help comes.

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